Singapore CFA Conference 2013 Feedback Report

Mark Hodgson CFA Conference 2013 feedback

CFA South African Ethics Presentation / CFA Institute Presentation

Download Powerpoint Presentation: South Africa CFA Institute Presentation

Here Comes The U.S. Slowdown

How Bad, And How Long? Ian C. Shepherdson Chief U.S. Economist, High Frequency Economics
Download the Powerpoint Presentation (1MB): South Africa 0806

Excellence in Corporate Reporting

Download the Powerpoint Presentation (139KB): IASSA Presentation 2006-03-28 GIBS
Garreth Elston, IAS Deputy Chairman

Beyond Behavioral Science

Download pdf (1.5MB): Neuroscience SA

Strategic Asset Allocation

Download Powerpoint Presentation (932KB): CFA Africa 2006
Robert A. Clark

Helmut Henschel

Download pdf : Hamilton Presentation – July 2005

Report back CFA Conference, Zurich

Download Word Document (183KB): IAS CFA Zurich 2005 Report GE

Garreth Elston, Deputy Chairman, IAS

Tomlinson 1 – September 2004

View this presentation here: Asset Allocation for Institutional Investors
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The State of the Fund Management Industry – Daniel Broby

Download the pdf (469KB) : State Fund Management Industry SA

Accounting is Broken

Here’s How to Fix it.

from EVAluation Volume 5 – Issue 1 – September 2002

Download PDF: Accounting is Broken

Mervyn E King Presentation

Download Powerpoint Presentation: IAS Breakfast – 25 June 2002

Raymond DeAngelo – South Africa April 2002

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Competition Policy in South Africa

Where has it come from and where is it going?

The little that I know about investment analysts tells me that despite the broad-ranging title that I have been given for my talk you are probably concerned with a somewhat narrower topic – competition, or, as it is often called, anti-trust, law, rather than competition policy is, I suspect, your interest, and, within that, I would imagine that merger regulation is your principal concern.  Read More »