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The IAS is a non-profit making liaison body for the investment analysts profession.

Currently around 1000 members, the IAS draws from all walks of the analysts profession including Investment Banks and Houses, Fund Managers, Brokers, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds…

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IAS Journals

2020 Journal awards

Winner IAS journal award:

Daniel Page, David McClelland & Christo Auret

 “Idiosyncratic momentum on the JSE”  

 Volume 49       –   Issue   3

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36th Annual awards

Afrimat Limited

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Presentation dates to members of the Investment Analysts Society.  Note – those companies who are participating in the CPD initiative via IAS are indicated with “1 CPD”, “CPD tbc” refers to those companies who have not yet decided. “0 CPD” – those companies who are not participating

  • 2 Jun 14:00
    Capital Appreciation – Annual
    Webcast 0 CPD
  • 7 Jun 10:00
    Sygnia – Interim
    Webcast 1 CPD
  • 10 Jun 10:00
    TFG – Annual
    Webcast 1 CPD
  • 14 Jun 08:00
    Afrimat – Investor Open Day
    Webcast 1 CPD
  • 30 Jun TBC
    Tongaat Hulett – Annual
    Webcast CPD tbc
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